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Sasha Mortimore Photography – An Award Winning, Dianella-Based Family Photographer Now Available

Meet Sasha Mortimore, a creative, multi-year, award-winning portrait photographer recently recognized as one of Australasia’s top 10 Emerging Photographers! From her Dianella location, Sasha Mortimore is ready to capture each family uniquely and creatively – revealing the joy and love of the moment for each family member and the family unit.

Sasha’s professional objective as a family photographer is to artistically capture the natural essence of each unique family’s dynamic. While photography is personal, it helps to know what Sasha’s current clients are saying about her online. Have a question for Sasha? Or are you ready to book a 20-minute complimentary phone consultation?

Please reach out to Sasha by telephone  or by email. For information on Sasha Mortimore Photography’s privacy policy, follow this link.

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